Kids Connection Registration is simple. Follow the 2 steps below. Both a Registration form AND a Schedule with payment must be filled out to complete enrollment. Please call our office to verify availability in the program at 414-329-5370.

1. Fill out a Kids Connection Annual Registration Form. This form must be filled out annually. There is no registration fee due with this form. You can fill out the online form and click submit to email directly to our office or you can download and hand in the PDF to the Parks and Recreation Office. 

2. Fill out a schedule with payment to get started attending the program. Payment is due at time of enrollment. More details on payment and the updated parent handbook will be available shortly.

Looking for pricing information? View our fees/pricing for the program

Medication Forms

Does your child need medication while at our program? If so, please fill out the proper form and hand in along with your registration form. Emergency medication such as Epi-pens, will need the prescription medication form completed. Any questions, please contact us.