Doing Business

  1. Business Directory

    Search a listing of businesses and organizations that operate in the area.

  2. Fire Permits

    Download permits for fire protection or storage tanks.

  3. Inspection & Zoning Division

    This Division provides a number of diversified services to the City and its residents. Through the enforcement of State and local building codes, we strive to provide a safe living and working environment, as well as maintaining the City’s property values through enforcement of zoning regulations.

  4. Licensing & Inspections

    Routine inspections are performed by the health department to insure the public safety. The health department does licensing and inspections for the restaurant, retail food, public or commercial swimming pools, and tattoo establishments.

  5. Planning Commission

    View members of the Planning Commission.

  6. Required Permits

    Read the permits that are required for building permits, HVAC permits and electrical permits.

  7. State Health Codes & Regulations

    The Health Department abide by several state Codes and regulations.