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WeTip is a national nonprofit organization, staffing tip operators that take anonymous tips from all 50 states including Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. For over 33 years, WeTip has taken over 411,000 tips. These Tips are always anonymous, WeTip never knows who you are. The hotlines are answered by bilingual tip operators, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Use our anonymous online reporting form to submit a crime tip.

Completely Anonymous

When someone calls WeTip, no one asks them who they are of where they live. The operator will answer, "This is the WeTip hotline, please do not give your name." After this, the WeTip operator asks some questions to find out about the crime and who committed it. The operator will give the caller a case number so that they can call back if they find out more information, or if they want to find out the status of the case. No one will ever know who made the call...not us... not ever!

Fictitious Code Names

The tipster is then asked if they are interested in a reward if there is an arrest and a conviction. If they are interested in a reward, they are given a fictitious code name. This is the name to give when they pick up their reward. If the person who was turned in gets arrested and is found guilty, then a reward of up to $1,000 is offered to the tipster. The reward is paid at the post office chosen by the person who gave the tip. They will receive the cash reward money by giving the code name that was given them when the tip was first given.

Tip Reporting Process

WeTip forwards the information to law enforcement, in the proper jurisdiction. The information is faxed to designated investigators in member cities. It is up to law enforcement to decide the best course of investigative action to take at that point. WeTip tracks the cases through police custody and prosecution and then when there has been a conviction in the case, WeTip approves a reward, and generates a press release, distributed to local media, and here on the internet, informing the caller (informant) there there is a reward approved on the case.

Neutral Independent 3rd Party

WeTip is not an investigative agency. We are a neutral independent 3rd party organization that operates fully staffed hotlines, answered in both English and Spanish, that assures the caller complete anonymity. We do no actual investigation of our own. WeTip acts as an anonymous conduit, through which information flows safely from the informant to the police, sheriffs, and investigators in several different jurisdictions.

Crime Prevention

The WeTip phenomenon has affected more lives than anyone will ever know. Thousands of crimes have been prevented and countless lives have been saved due to WeTip's key idea. Citizens got involved and anonymously gave information to police through WeTip hotlines. This information aids the police and enables citizens to act as the eyes and ears of the community.