The primary responsibility of the Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) is to conduct follow-up investigations of major crimes referred to them by the Patrol Bureau or directly reported by citizens or businesses. Detectives conduct investigations that lead well outside of the geographic boundaries of the city. Detectives receive specialized training in investigative techniques relating to specific types of crime, such as financial crimes, vehicle theft, and youth crimes. The CIB also maintains the Identification Bureau, the department's repository for offender fingerprint and booking information.

Detectives perform a number of activities in support of the community, and participate in community alliances. These duties include:
  • Attending neighborhood meetings
  • Community information programs (Crime Stoppers)
  • Development and presentation of crime prevention programs such as block watch, and working with residents and businesses to resolve specific problems
Detective Sergeant
The CIB is commanded by the Detective Sergeant who oversees day to day operations, assigns detectives to cases and directly supervises major case investigations. The Detective Sergeant reports to the Support Services Captain, Assistant Chief David Patrick.

Youth Services Unit
The Youth Services Unit is a part of the Criminal Investigation Bureau. It has primary responsibility for follow-up investigation of crime reports involving youthful offenders, in a manner essentially similar to the Detectives assigned to the CIB. Child abuse, child sexual abuse, and children in need of protective services are cases handled specifically by the Youth Services Unit.