Greener Greenfield Program

Program Goal

The Greener Greenfield Program is a collaborative effort between the City of Greenfield and the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD). The goal of this program is to reduce inflow and infiltration (I/I) of stormwater into the sanitary sewer system. Stormwater entering the sanitary sewer system contributes to basement backups. MMSD has provided grant funding to Greenfield and other municipalities to address this issue.
* New applicants shall be added to our waiting list and will be attended to as funding is made available.

Stormwater Sources

Stormwater can enter the sanitary sewer from several different private sources. 2 of the most common sources are defects in private sewer laterals and foundation drain connections.


A lateral can develop cracks and separations at joints over time, causing stormwater to seep into the pipes. This process is called infiltration.


A foundation drain connection channels stormwater directly into the sanitary sewer. This process is called inflow. Greener Greenfield will address both inflow and infiltration sources.

Older Properties

The Greener Greenfield Program will place a high priority on older properties. Older properties are more likely to collect inflow and infiltration due to aging infrastructure or foundation drain connections, which were allowed before 1954. The City has designated 5 program areas to cover all properties in the City over the 5 years of the program. Priority will be given to those properties within the designated program area for that year.
A map showing the 5-year target areas of the Greener Greenfield Private Property Inflow and Infiltra

Participation Is Voluntary

Participation in the Greener Greenfield Program is voluntary. Residents who choose to participate will have their lateral televised by the Division of Public Works (DPW) to determine if sections of their lateral are contributing to inflow and infiltration. Residents with a foundation drain connection will be required to disconnect, if they choose to participate in the program. Foundation drain connections and sections of lateral contributing to inflow and infiltration are both eligible work for reimbursement.

Once the lateral is televised by DPW, the City will review the lateral to determine what work is eligible for reimbursement. A participating resident will be required to provide documentation for 3 price quotes from different contractors. The resident will then choose a contractor to perform the work, and will be responsible for providing photographs of the completed work. The work must also be verified by a City inspector.

Reimbursement Rate

All eligible work will be reimbursed by MMSD through the City of Greenfield at a rate of 100% for the first $6,000 and 75% for the next $6,000 of eligible expenses. Residents will be responsible for any non-reimbursable costs. The City will periodically receive funds from MMSD, and thus residents may have to wait up to 90 days after submittal of completed documentation to be reimbursed.