Sewer Billing Information

Access your sewer account, to view account history, print prior bills, or make payments.  Access my sewer account.

Please note - you must have your account number to access this system.**


Sewer Billing Information:

Sewer service bills are billed quarterly to all residential and commercial properties. 

1stQtr-covers Jan 1 thru March 31, billed early May

2ndQtr-covers April 1 thru June 30, billed early August

3rdQtr-covers July 1 thru Sept 30, billed late October

4thQtr-covers Oct 1 thru Dec 31, billed early February

The due dates are at least 22 days after the billing date.  There is a 4.5% penalty per quarter on an unpaid balance for bills not paid by the due date.

Any delinquent balance after the 3rd quarter due date is placed on the homeowner's tax bill, with an additional 10% penalty.

**Please note that you will also receive a separate bill from Milwaukee Water Works for your water billing.**

Contact Information:

Any questions/concerns, contact the Treasurer’s Office at 414-329-5259 or email us at:

Sewer Bills can be Viewed and Reprinted.    

** Up to date online bill information is on website:    An account number is needed for look up**.


Payment Options:

Make all checks payable to "City of Greenfield"

 Pay in person at City Hall in the Treasurer’s office -7325 W Forest Home Avenue Room 103.  Normal business hours are Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

Payments are accepted online by credit card or e-check .  Please note there will be a third party transaction fee added to your payment.    Access online payments here.

Pay by mail to City of Greenfield, P.O. Box 20739, Greenfield, WI   53220

Pay automatically via the auto payment plan. You can also request email bills and go paperless.

Drop payment off at the deposit box located at the south entrance of City Hall.  Please include the bill stub when making payment. 


Sewer Service Bill Charges:

The wastewater of the City is collected and treated by the wastewater system operated by the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD).   The sewer bill is composed of 4 charges:


The MMSD Connection Charge:

The MMSD connection charge is billed by the city on behalf of MMSD to cover costs to run sewage treatment plants and the deep tunnel system. The 2019 rate is $ 8.11 per connection.


 The MMSD Consumption Charge:

The MMSD volumetric rate is also billed on behalf of MMSD and is based on your water consumption. Milwaukee Water Works supplies us with meter reads. The 2019 rate is $ 2.25 per thousand gallons. The 1st quarter reflects the meter reads taken from mid-October to mid-January (winter read). Residential customers (1-4 family units) are billed on this actual consumption read for the 1st Quarter sewer bill. The next three quarters are billed on this same consumption (dependent on consistency). Commercial customers are charged for actual water usage reported on all 4 quarters. Customers who do not discharge all of it to the sewer system may be certified by MMSD for a discounted charge. Call MMSD at 414-272-5100. The minimum charge on the volumetric rate is $ 6.00.

The Local Sewer Charge:

The local sewer charge is billed to meet the capital, operating and maintenance expenses of its local sewer system. This fee for 2019 is $24.40 per unit. A single family home is one unit. A duplex would be a two unit dwelling. An apartment building with 8 apartments and/or commercial buildings with 8 separate offices would be an 8 unit dwelling. This charge is computed by dividing the revenue shown on the Greenfield Sewer Service fund budget by the total number of units in the city.

The Storm Water Charge:

This charge was established in August of 2009 in order to meet new state requirements to manage storm water quality and quantity on all impervious surfaces. The average impervious surface per single residential unit is 3,630 square feet, or 1 ERU (equivalent runoff unit).  The 2019 quarterly charge is $17.39 per ERU per Common Council Resolution.  Duplexes are based on 1.1 ERU and any business or residential dwelling 3 units or larger are based upon actual square footage of impervious surface to determine the ERU.