City Departments

  1. Assessor

    The City Assessor is a State certified individual who is responsible for setting the value of all property within the City for the purpose of determining the taxable value of real and personal property, upon which is levied property taxes for all taxing jurisdictions.

  2. City Attorney

    Learn how to contact the City Attorney.

  3. City Clerk

    The City Clerk department oversees elections and licensing.

  4. Community Development and Zoning

    The Community Development Division is the primary contact for new development and/or redevelopment proposals involving potential residential, commercial, industrial, and community uses.

  5. Emergency Management

    In the event of a local disaster or emergency, Greenfield Emergency Management will work collaboratively with Milwaukee County Emergency Management.

  6. Engineering

    Greenfield’s Engineering Division is responsible for coordinating the design and construction of City streets and reviews all newly proposed private construction projects.

  7. Finance - Accounting & Treasurer

    Learn about tax bill information, sewer bills, and dog and cat licenses.

  8. Fire Department

    There are 2 fire stations that serve the City of Greenfield. View photos, read safety tips, and meet the staff of the Greenfield Fire Department.

  9. Health Department

    The Greenfield Health Department provides a variety of programs and services to meet our mission to protect and promote the health of all members of the Greenfield community.

  10. Human Resources

    Find current job openings with the City of Greenfield.

  11. Information Technology

    The Information Technology area for the City of Greenfield efficiently utilizes City resources to fulfill the computer hardware, software and services needs of the City.

  12. Inspection Services

    This Division provides a number of diversified services to the City and its residents. Through the enforcement of State and local building codes, we strive to provide a safe living and working environment, as well as maintaining the City’s property values through enforcement of zoning regulations.

  13. Library

    Visit the Greenfield Public Library Page.

  14. Municipal Court

    Learn more about court procedures, payment options for a fine, further information and answers to common questions from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV), and to contact Greenfield Municipal Court online.

  15. Neighborhood Services

    The Department of Neighborhood Services is comprised of four divisions: Engineering, Inspection Services, Community Development and Zoning, and Public Works.

  16. Parks & Recreation

    The City of Greenfield Department of Parks and Recreation is committed to enhancing the quality of life of all segments of the Greenfield community through the promotion, development, and maintenance of public recreation and enrichment opportunities, park lands and related facilities, and preservation of natural areas.

  17. Police Department

    The men and women of the Greenfield Police Department are proud to serve the more than 36,000 residents of the City of Greenfield and the hundreds of thousands of visitors to our city each day.

  18. Public Works

    The goal of the Division of Public Works is to care for the public investment in infrastructure and equipment, and support property owners, in a proactive and efficient manner.