Water Quality Survey & Photo Contest

Your feedback matters!

Please take a few moments to share your thoughts on water quality issues by taking the survey below and by entering the photo contest!

Storm Water Management Survey

Residents of Greenfield live in the Lake Michigan watershed. This means that when rain falls in our City it enters a system of ditches, drains, and pipes that directs it away from our homes and properties and into rivers and streams, finally ending up in the Lake. Unfortunately, this storm water runoff can also carry fertilizer, road salt, and trash into the Lake. Greenfield needs your help in making sure that our community has the tools it needs to keep our watershed clean! Let us know what you think are the most important issues facing our watershed by taking this survey. Together we can keep our communities clean and healthy!

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Photo Contest

From clearing litter out of storm drains or drainage ditches, to planting native plants that soak up rain water, to cleaning up after pets, we know there are many ways that our residents protect our watershed. Now it’s time to show the rest of the state!

Our partners at Respect Our Waters are running a photo competition throughout southeastern Wisconsin to showcase how people around the region are creatively protecting our watersheds. Let's show our neighbors that nobody respects their water like Greenfield!.  Get outside, show your Greenfield pride, and submit your best photos of how you take care of our water and our community at this link. After submitting, be sure to check out all the posts from around the region and vote on your favorite submissions.


Photo credit:  www.swwtwater.org